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AlterEco - Reusable Sanitary Towels - Maxi

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-Maxi- These extra long pads are perfect if you suffer particularly heavy periods or for night time use.

Backing - Unless otherwise stated, all my cloth sanitary pads (CSP) are backed with PUL – Polyurethane laminate  (a waterproof yet breathable material also used in cloth nappies) . The back goes against your underwear and not the skin. PUL provides great protection against leakage through the pad . It is recommended that you wear well fitting underwear with CSP to help keep them in place.

Absorbency wise, our CSP are lined with either Zorb (a thin, super thirsty, hypo-allergenic material that absorbs 20 times faster than other materials and holds 10 times its weight) or bamboo terry (use in the liners when extra absorbance isn’t needed so much).

Top layer - Microfleece – This is a soft absorbent material that has great moisture wicking properties so great at making you feel dry. 100% Polyester

Washing - You can wash your CSP along with your usual laundry although it is recommended that you do not use fabric conditioner as this will affect the absorbency of the materials.

If your pads are heavily soiled, it is recommended that you rinse them before washing, either in the machine or by hand.

They are best line dried as tumble drying may affect the shape.