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Comfy Bums All in One Nappy - Choose Print

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The Comfy Bums all in one reusable cloth nappy offers a simple, modern design using grown up inspired prints and lots of features to make baby and parents comfy!


Our comfy features

  • EASY TO USE STYLE – An All in one design with tongue absorbent layer to fold and stuff into a pocket. Featuring a pocket entry at both front and back to enable the user to pull the tongue through into position 


  • DESIGNED FOR QUICKER DRYING - Our insert is made of 3 layers of bamboo terry and fully unfolds outside of the nappy for quicker drying


  • GREAT ABSORBENCY WITH ABILITY TO ADD EXTRA BOOSTERS IF NEEDED. The 3 layer insert is folded into the pocket, creating at least 6 layers of absorbency, and when on the smallest rise it can be folded 3 times, allowing a better fit at the same time as providing 9 layers of absorbency whilst remaining a slim fit. Boosters (purchased seperately) can be poppered on top or underneath the insert


  • BEAUTIFUL QUALITY FABRICS - All the fabrics used to produce our nappies are oeko-tex certified and the outer PUL fabric is made using recycled materials making them that little bit more eco friendly. You won't be able to miss how lovely and soft our fabrics feel, with stretch enabling a great fit.


  • SUPER SOFT STAY DRY LAYER - We have chosen athletic wicking jersey as our stay dry layer. Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) offers soft, cool properties, allowing baby to remain cool, dry and comfy when wearing our nappy.


  • EXTERNAL DOUBLE GUSSET  - I was a big fan of double gussets when I started my cloth nappy journey and knew it had to be part of our product. Double gussets provide an extra security against explosions and help mums and dads to feel a bit more comfy about containment.


  • SLIM FITTING – but still enough padding to provide a comfy bum landing!


  • BIRTH TO POTTY SIZING - Fits from Birth to Potty (approx 8lb to 35lb)






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