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Laundry Stain Remover - 2kg

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Our Stain Removing Laundry Bleach is a superior oxygen-based stain remover with a built-in whitener leaving whites and colours bright, even at low temperatures. With a readily biodegradable formula that is kind to skin and the environment.

Our laundry powders are all made with renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients which give a powerful clean whilst being sensitive to skin and reducing the impact on our planet. No phosphates, preservatives, enzymes, or synthetic perfumes.

- Removes the toughest stains even at 30°C
- Reveals vibrant colours
- Restores radiant whites



Our stain remover powder is made without phosphates, chlorine, bleach, and optical brighteners which are in a lot of regular stain removers. These ingredients cause out of control algae growth and harm to wildlife when they enter waterways and they take a long time to break down. 

Our powders are readily biodegradable which means if it gets into waterways it will biodegrade and not harm wildlife.

Our Packaging is compostable too which helps eliminate single-use plastic bottles and boxes going to landfill.  


Add 30ml of powder to detergent per one load of washing. For top-loading machines add the powder directly into the drum before adding clothes, For front loading machines add the powder to the detergent drawer. Wash at recommended 30°C.

For hand wash dissolve 30ml powder to every 5 litres of warm water.

To soak dissolve 30ml powder to every 5 litres of warm water.

Laundry bleach main ingredients:

  • Sodium Carbonate <30%

  • Oxygen-Based Bleaching Agent <30%

  • Anionic Surfactant <5%


  • Can cause serious eye damage.
  • Can cause skin irritation
  • Keep out of reach of children

IF IN EYES: Rinse continuously with water for several minutes, remove contact lenses if present and easy to do so.

IF CONSUMED: Rinse mouth. Immediately call a POISON CENTRE/DOCTOR

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