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Natural Sun Care

Natural Sun Care

Claire Terry |

"All in all, the cosmetics industry is one of the most unregulated industries in the world, and this means that we need to be extra careful in choosing safe ingredients."

  • SPF - It is recommended to use at least SPF30. This means your skin is 30 times more protected against the sun's UVB rays than bare skin. 
  • Ingredients - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are generally recognized as safe and effective. Try to avoid synthetic UV filters, preservatives, silicones, fragrance and colours. 
  • Reef safe - Chemical UV-filters have been shown to bleach coral reefs even at very low concentrations (Danovaro et al. 2008). This is considered a major threat to several coral reef areas around the world (Sharifan et al. 2016), and bans of chemical UV-filters are being implemented in several regions worldwide to fight the problem.