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  • Nappy Leaks?

    Nappy Leaks?

    Guest post by Steph A true story of a two-parter nightmare: troubleshoot yourself to sweet dreams.  Discovering a leaky nappy in the middle of the night may sound like a...

    Claire Terry |

  • Reusable Wipes

    Reusable Wipes

    Reusable wipes blog post by Alex     You’ve started making eco-swaps to reduce waste, live a greener lifestyle and hopefully save some money too. You might have heard about...

    Claire Terry |

  • Nappy inserts

    Nappy inserts

    Inserts/boosters are the absorant part of the nappy used in pocket nappies or ai2 (all in two), can also be used to boost absorancy of ai1 (all in one) nappies....

    Claire Terry |

  • Getting a Good Fit

    Getting a Good Fit

    Guest post by Mell How do I make sure my cloth nappies fit well? We've put some tips together for you! Rise settings.  Start small and see how it fits,...

    Claire Terry |