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Nappy Leaks?

Nappy Leaks?

Claire Terry |

Guest post by Steph

A true story of a two-parter nightmare: troubleshoot yourself to sweet dreams. 

Discovering a leaky nappy in the middle of the night may sound like a fun puzzle to solve...but it's not, if you don't know what you're looking for! 

Let me set the scene. It's 4am and your baby wakes. You're tired from an earlier night feed, grizzle or a combination, but this one is different. You can't settle your angel, and a hand into their sleeping bag quickly tells you why. You do a silent scream, maybe shed an exhausted tear, and get to work. You're stripping their clothes and asking yourself why you deserve this, and what you've done to anger the nappy gods. 

Even if your other half did the change, and you want to blame them (or yourself for not doing absolutely everything 100% of the time like some sort of baby-rearing-machine-martyr). Whatever dark hole you're climbing into, let me stop you right there. It's just washing, and we're going to sort it out for next time anyway! 

In your sleepy haze, this is what you want to look out for;
Is any of the fitted nappy/flat/absorbent bit outside the wrap? Yes? That's the problem. Puzzle solved. If any of the absorbant part is touching bed clothes, then it will wick out that wee faster than I can think of an appropriate analogy.
No? Moving on!
(For boys) Is the fire hydrant pointing anywhere else but central and down? Yes. Cheer up, fix it and you know for next time. If the hose is pointing to a quick escape, then that's where it's going to go!
No? The plot thickens... 
Are there wet patches, or is the whole nappy soaking? If there are patches (front sleepers or lads may have soaking fronts but dry behinds. Ladies might be soaking in the middle or back, but dry elsewhere) these can be solved by putting a faster absorbing material closer to the bub. The issue here is that you may have absorbance for days, but it's not soaking it up as fast as you need. A cotton, or microfiber insert may do the trick. 

If the nappy is soaking, then the issue is you may not have material absorbent enough to handle the volume. A hemp or bamboo insert should do the trick. 

If your baby is looking more "bowling ball butt" instead of an actual child, you just need to ask yourself one question. Are the sleeping? If they are, they're comfortable and you can also rest easy! 

If my guide hasn't helped, then send Fox&Marsh a message and they might have a few more ideas! 

If you've read this in the middle of the night, go to bed. If you're getting ready for the night, you've got this.