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Getting a Good Fit

Getting a Good Fit

Claire Terry |

Guest post by Mell

How do I make sure my cloth nappies fit well? We've put some tips together for you!

Rise settings. 

Start small and see how it fits, all nappy brands are different sizes and fits. Each nappy might be on a different settings depending if there is 3 or 4 rise poppers.

How to know if the fit is too tight? You might get leaks around the top of the nappy, deep sock marks, or a builders bum! Or if the rise popper comes below the top of the hips it could be because its too small.

How to know if the fit is too loose? There will be gaps around the legs, you might be getting leaks and it will probably fall down.

How to fit a cloth nappy.

Lay the nappy the right way round, fastenings at the front.

Check the rise setting.

Cup the front of the nappy into a C shape as you bring the nappy up, aim for the nappy to sit in the knicker line instead of on the thighs.

Fasten the nappy up, either with poppers or hook and loop.

Some nappies come with hip fasteners which is a good popper to start with to get a good overall fit.

If a nappy doesn't have these, not to worry start with the lower leg popper for a good fit around the legs. 
Push the excess rise popper fabric, up to tighten or down to loosen.

Make sure there's a small gap at the front especially for more mobile babies so the nappy doesn't dig in.

On some nappies it's a good idea to tuck the leg elastics into the knicker line for a good fit, especially rolled elastic legs!
Nappies such as littlelovebums all in one's don't need the leg elastics.

This is just a guideline, it may work for you but everyone cloths differently.
We think you should just give cloth a go!


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