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Reusable Nappy Week

Reusable Nappy Week

Claire Terry |

Reusable Nappy Week is an international action packed week of awareness raising activities and advocacy for all things reusable nappies.

Why #ChooseToReuse?

Better for Baby

Breathable soft natural fabrics, which are absorbent, and gentle on your baby’s skin. No nasty’s, just cloth bum love.

Reusable nappies have evolved a lot. Modern designs make using, washing and drying simple and easy. Find out more about the different types and how to use them on our advice page.


Reduce Waste and Reliance on Single-use Plastic

In the first 2.5 years of a baby’s life, they will have needed at least 4,000 nappy changes. If of the single-use variety, these nappies will be sent to incineration or landfill at a cost to our environment.

Using reusable nappies doesn’t have to mean going full-time to make a difference. Every day you choose to reuse, you will reduce waste and avoid consumption of single-use plastic equivalent to at least 17 plastic bags a day!

Carbon Savings

The carbon footprint of nappy usage can be reduced by 40% if reusable nappies are used instead of single-use nappies.

Reusable nappies also use 98% fewer raw materials. 

Save Money

Families can make a financial saving of up to £1,000 over 2.5 years. Further savings can be made if using the same reusable nappies on subsequent children.

Buying brand new is also not the only option. A lot of families use preloved reusable nappies, which have been passed-on or picked-up second hand for free.