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Types of Cloth Nappies

Types of Cloth Nappies

Claire Terry |

(Guest post by Megan)
There are four main nappy types which can be confusing when you are getting started. The four types are; all in one nappies, all in two nappies, pocket nappies and two part systems.
• All in one nappies (also written AIO) are a one piece nappy, all the parts of the nappy are attached together in one.
✅ easy to use, no stuffing required
✅ straight forward fit
✅ often a slim fit
✅ easy option for childcare as it’s one piece
❌ slow drying due to not being able to separate
❌ for the most part not the most absorbent type of nappy, though you can add boosters
• All in two nappies (also written AI2) are a nappy that splits into two parts. There is an outer wrap and an insert which attaches to the wrap via poppers.
✅ more absorbent than AIOs
✅ it’s possible with lighter wetters to change the insert and reuse the outer wrap
✅ great for days out as you can just take changeable inserts rather than entire nappies
❌ fewer brands available
❌ inserts aren’t always interchangeable between brands
• Pocket nappies are essentially an empty nappy that you can stuff with an insert of your choosing. The insert goes into a pocket opening within the nappy.
✅ versatile. You can stuff a pocket nappy with whatever type of insert you want
✅ most inserts will fit into most nappies, so you do not have to use the same brand pocket and insert
✅ can be as slim or as chunky as you need/want
✅ quick drying as can all be washed and dried separately
❌ you have to make time to stuff the nappies before using them
❌ must also be unstuffed before washing
• Two part systems are completely separate outer shells known as wraps and inner fitted nappies or flats. The shell is the water proof cover and the inner nappy is the absorbent part. Inner nappies can be a fitted nappy or a terry cloth/pre fold/flat nappy/muslin square.
✅ great for longer wear (popular as night time options)
✅ the same wrap can be used over a variety of inner nappy options
✅ can be an affordable way to cloth - terry cloths and muslin squares are cheaper than any other nappy type
✅ the same wrap can be used again if the inner nappy is not saturated
✅ very absorbent
✅ wide range of options for inner nappies that can be adapted as baby grows
❌ chunkier fit
❌ can be slow to dry depending on material of inner nappy
❌ folds for inner nappies can be hard to learn and fiddly on wriggling babies