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Reusable sanitary products - Kinder for you, kinder for the environment!

Fern cloth sanitary pads

Claire Terry |

Are you a fan of cloth sanitary pads (CSP) or prefer a cup? Period pants more your thing? 


At Fox & Marsh, we sell a wide variety of products for your period. Changing to CSP was one of the very first 'eco swaps' that I made, about 10 years ago, and once I realised a) How much more comfortable they were and b) How much money I was saving every month, I'd never go back! 


We're going to take a quick look at the types of reusable sanitary products available;


  • Sanitary cups (e.g Mooncups) - a silicone 'cup' that sits inside the body and catches menstrual blood. Needs to be washed and sterilised in between uses. Can be worn for long periods of time, swimming, and overnight. You may need to experiment to get the right size 
  • Sanitary pads - a cloth alternative to the traditional, these pads are simply washed after use. Available in lots of different sizes and fits
  • Period pants - super absorbent underwear with special reinforced parts. Perfect for overnight use! 

And of course, did you know we sell chocolate - essential for that time of the month?