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Eco Dental Care

Eco Dental Care

Claire Terry |

Guest post by Katy Laurence @audreygeorgeco

For ages I was trying to find a more eco way for flossing, then I came across Fox and Marsh who stock a variety of great eco items, one being corn-starch dental floss from Wild & Stone. This floss is a perfect and easy swap to your usual plastic options. What’s even better it is refillable! When you have finished flossing pop in your compost bin. There is a little knack to the floss as it isn’t quite as strong as plastic, but as long as you don’t use the same part of the floss for all your teeth and move along whilst flossing it shouldn’t snap or be any different! Not to mention it is refillable.

I then became fascinated by what other easy swaps we can do as a family. Another easy one is swapping your children’s toothbrushes to a bamboo option. Our electric toothbrush heads are now replaced with Brushd. eco friendly option which once they come to the end of use you simply pack them in the pre made postage bag back to Brushd. to be recycled. 

A great option which is also fantastic for travel are the Brushd. toothpaste and mouthwash tablets. They have a slightly different taste to your normal toothpastes but my teeth always feel just as clean and fresh. The mouthwash tablets remind me of the dental water they give you at the dentists to rinse between treatments which I really enjoy! They also last for ages; one tablet goes a long way. Both these items have an option of being refill packs.