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Eco Shaving

Eco Shaving

Claire Terry |

Guest post by Kerry-Anne

It's not cut throat!

When I started my Eco journey, I made many changes to my lifestyle and the products that I used on a daily basis. I started to hear more and more about safety razors but was initially met by a lot of worry about people cutting themselves and them being really sharp. This obviously worried me and I steered clear from the “safety” razor for some time. I then made the plunge and I am so glad I bit the bullet and wore my big girl Eco pants because it is not cut throat.
Yes, you are having to handle an open blade, which could cause you to cut yourself but compared to your plastic supermarket bought alternative, the risks are nothing compared to the amazing benefits.
Apart from the obvious benefits of:
Being zero waste and
Better for the environment
They are also:
Proven to reduce ingrown hairs
Reduce skin irritation
Cheaper in the long run (Mutiny also have a lifetime guarantee)
And simply not as scary as you might think.
How to insert the blade:
  1. Holding onto the side of the head, twist the shaft of the razor until it comes apart into 3 pieces.
  2. Holding the blade on the short edges, place the blade on top of the curved piece and put the final piece on top.
  3. Guide the bar on the head into the centre of the shaft.
  4. Again holding onto the short edges, screw the shaft clockwise to complete the razor.
  5. Done!




How to use the razor:
Firstly lather up your skin. I use the Mutiny shaving soap in Seaweed and Patchouli. It smells amazing. It lathers up really well and leaves a lovely, silky surface to work with. Don’t add any pressure to the razor whilst you shave. The razor is weighted and so this will assist you to get your perfect, hair free finish. Keeping the razor at approx 35° (approx 3 fingers from skin to tip of handle), make short strokes along your skin until you are happy with the finish.
I hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions about safety razors, pop Claire @foxandmarsh a message, as she will always be happy to help ease your anxieties around switching up your shaving routine to some more eco alternatives.
Happy shaving 🤩🤩