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Eco Kitchen

Eco Kitchen

Claire Terry |

Guest post by Kayleigh

Eco Kitchen Swaps

I found that when making eco kitchen swaps the two easiest swaps I made were reusable kitchen roll and kitchen cleaners. There are so many different swaps to do in your kitchen and I will briefly run you through a couple.

Reusable kitchen roll

The reusable kitchen rolls by fox and bobbin are just amazing. They are super absorbent so much more than regular kitchen roll and when your done you just bung them in with your normal washing dry them and they are ready to use again and again. They come in either 2ply or a thirsty 3ply depending on your needs. Theythen all pop together to keep them nice and tidy. I roll mine round my kitchen towel holder and it looks fab.

Eco kitchen cleaners

This is by far my favourite eco kitchen swap as they are just so easy and you reuse the same spray bottle again and again just refilling each time. Fox and marsh stock both the ocean saver drops and mrs sparkle cleaners. The kitchen cleaners literally just need dropping into your spray bottle full of water shake and leave to dissolve then your ready to go and once its finished rinse out and repeat and your ready to go again. The ocean saver cleaners come with nice labels to stick onto your bottles so you know exactly what it is with the mrssparkle ones I just make my own label.

Organic fruit and veg bags

These are so handy and super helpful for when you go to the supermarket as I always buy loose fruit and veg but hate having to use a plastic bag provided by the supermarket so now I have these that lilve in my bags for life in the car. They can also be put straight into the fridge so keeps all your fruit tidy and organised and helps prolong the life of your food so hopefully also reducing food waste, win win! They can also double up as little laundry bags for reusable wipes / make up pads etc. Between uses they are super easy to care for simply wash at 30 degrees on a careful cycle and line dry. I may of said that eco kitchen cleaners where my favourite swap but these are a close second indeed!