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Fox & Marsh - Eco Dorset

Bells Bumz Double Hemp & Coffee Booster

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Two layers of hemp, PLUS 2 layers of Bamboo. Hour glass shape and designed to snap into the Z Soaker to give 9 absorbant layers. 

Highly versatile, absorbant and convenient.

For use in the Bells Bumz All in 2 nappies to boost absorbancy /switch out wet ones for dry.

Also compatible with the Bells Bumz BTP wraps to create a 2 part system without the bulk of a fitted nappy. 

Customer Reviews

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Amazingly absorbant!

I tried this as a way to boost my terry nappies for long car journeys and to catch the morning 'mega wee'. I liked the fact that it was super slim and one side was fleecy so I wouldn't need an extra liner. I can't believe how well it held up! After a two and a half hour car journey (plus time either side) with no leaks and some areas of the terry were still dry. Highly recommend and I'll be buying more!