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Fox & Marsh - Eco Dorset

Concentrated Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaner - 70ml

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Powerful concentrated eco-friendly toilet cleaner

Tough on germs, gentle on the environment

Remove harsh chemicals from your cleaning routine

Concentrated mixture - 94% less carbon footprint

Non-toxic and bleach-free

Safe for you, safe for the planet

Makes 1,400ml of solution total

Completely plastic-free - packaged in glass & aluminium

Made in the UK

Why we love it

Our concentrated toilet cleaner uses natural ingredients to help remove limescale and stains, leaving your loo sparkling and clean. How to use Take a teaspoon (5g) of toilet cleaner Mix with 100ml warm water (you can make more if you like - just keep to the 5g cleaner to 100ml water ratio) Shake until dissolved Pour a little into the toilet Scrub and leave for 30mins – 1hour Flush and done


Ingredients include: Citric acid, Glycerin, surfactant, Atlas Cedarwood oil.

Made in United Kingdom

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