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Fox & Marsh - Eco Dorset

Eco Toilet Cleaner Sachet & Bottle

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500ml Recycled Plastic Bottle

Toilet Cleaner Sachet

Vegan Formula



Made In The UK

Plastic-Free Low-Carbon

No Harsh Chemicals

A revolution in cleaning has arrived! Think you need a product full of nasties to give your toilet a good clean? Think again. Our Toilet Cleaner is the non-toxic alternative to harsh chemicals. Unlike most toilet cleaners on the market, ours is free from bleach. Not only is this so much better for the environment, but it also leaves a much fresher scent transcending through your bathroom. Our cleaning sachets are made right here in the UK, so they have a super low carbon footprint! And they're 100% plastic-free.

1. Place the toilet sachet in a clean bottle.

2. Add 500ml of water (if you're using the EcoVibe bottle, it is 500ml).

3. Shake vigorously, and leave for at least 2 hours to blend and thicken. Squirt the product within the toilet bowl and under the rim.

Made in United Kingdom

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Good product

Another easy swap, exchange for your normal
Toilet bleach, works just as well. You just keep the original bottle and buy refills