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Fiyyah Econo Nappy Cover

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The Ultimate Reliable Reusable Nappy Cover

Our new improved Econo! This much loved nappy is now even better. After much tweaking the Econo cover is now cut a little different, providing a better fit for smaller babies and larger babies alike. The new stomach elastic makes the nappy easier to put on and prevents gaping at the stomach. 


ADJUSTABLE- Rise snaps, and waist snaps mean that you can get the perfect fit for your baby from around 10lb right up to 30lb.

DOUBLE GUSSET- Helps to get the perfect fit and prevent leaks. 

WATERPROOF PANELS- Waterproof tummy and back panel will prevent leaking and wicking of moisture onto baby's clothes. 

DOUBLE LAYER PUL- Leak proof and easier to wipe clean between nappy changes!

SNAP IN- Snaps inside the cover, to snap in your inserts, helps to hold inserts in place.

TUMMY ELASTIC- Makes for an easier fit and prevents fabric gaping at the stomach.


The Econo cover can be used with our snap in inserts, specially designed for use with the Econo. Simply snap inserts into the shell, and it's ready to go. The inserts can be tucked into the flaps or left out to give full coverage (incase your baby wees in all directions like some do!). Using a cover is great, as one cover can last a few nappy changes as long as the nappy has not been soiled. Just replace the wet insert with a clean one, and pop the nappy back on. 

Care Guide: 

Wash up to 60° (Recommended 40° to protect cover and elastics from wear)

Air drying is recommended. 

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