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Fox & Marsh - Eco Dorset

Fiyyah Medium Double Zip Wet Bag

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A multipurpose storage bag, made to squeeze in around 5 nappies. With two compartments this bag has endless uses. Store dirty nappies in one, clean nappies or damp wipes in the other. 

Our wet bags are made from the same fabric as our nappies, perfect for keeping wetness in, but oversaturated and they will begin to leak, just like a nappy. These are perfect for dirty nappies and damp wipes, but nothing soaking wet. 

Approximately 30x40cm.

Wash with your usual nappy laundry up to 40C. Do not tumble dry as this can damage the waterproofing over time.

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Lovely product, lovely business would recommend !!

I would highly recommend fox and marsh. Lovely range of products, quick delivery and lovely owner !