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Fox & Marsh - Eco Dorset

Green Cheeks Pod

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Those of you already in the world of cloth nappies know that these fantastic bags are for more than just nappies!
  • Dry bags for clean nappies

  • Wet bags for dirty nappies
  • After swimming, wet clothes bag
  • Toy bags

  • Blankets, muslins, spare clothes 

  • Lunches, drinks, snacks 

  • Beach bag

 These pods are made from a double layer of TPU, which means they have an extra layer of waterproofing.

They fasten with a zip and have a handle at the one end which has two snaps to allow you to attach it to the pram, or changing bag.

Available in selected prints to match the cloth nappies*.

Size is approximately 25cm x 17cm x 17cm - they will hold at least 9 pocket nappies when stuffed with a single insert. 

* There may be a slight variation in colour or pattern size due to different printing times 

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