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Fox & Marsh - Eco Dorset

Green Cheeks Tri-Fold/ Pre-Fold 8 Layer Hemp Cloth Nappy Insert

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If you're the proud owner of a heavy wetting baby - this is for you! 

* The insert is hemp cotton blend, 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton - the inserts absorbency will improve with washing, all-in-all this foldable nappy insert has an amazing 8 absorbent layers.

* Each nappy is 34cm x 43m approximately

* These foldable inserts can be used pad folded into a pocket nappy, or unpocket nappy/wrap. For very young babies - up to around 3 months - angel foldedto create an absorbent flat nappy. You'll need a waterproof cover or wrap over these - click here for our awesome double gusset version!

* As hemp is a natural material, the fibres take a little while to reach maximum absorbency, this can mean up to 10 machine washes and/or a long soak

* The inserts may become crumpled or shrink in the wash, you can easily pull them back into shape by hand while still damp


Customer Reviews

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Perfect for nighttime

Love these trifolds padfolded into a wrap for a simple and effective night nappy set up.