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Heritage Hug HugInOne Nappy, AWJ, Double Gusset

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Introducing our multi-use cloth diapers! These diapers are designed with the absorbency of an All In One, but with the added convenience of being able to snap the absorbency in and out for faster drying and customization. Plus, there's a front pocket opening for stuffing to give you even more absorbency options. Whether you're a seasoned cloth diapering pro or new to the game, our diapers are sure to become a staple in your diaper collection.


  • One single diaper design that will grow with the baby from newborn through to toddler. (aproximatively 3.5-16 kg). Our diapers are great value for money as a simple adjustment of the front rise snaps ensures a perfect fit at all stages of baby development.
  • We also added the Cross-over snaps which can make the diaper get small to hug the waist and legs of those little newborns, plus this feature allows dirty diaper fold & snap.


The HugInOne diaper is versatile as you can use the front opening pocket and stuff the insert in for a compact diaper and stay dry feel( if you choose AWJ lining) or simply snap the insert on top for faster and easier use. The diaper shell has 2 inside snaps, one at the back on the lining and one at the front, inside the pocket.

BLOWPROOOF: Apart from the TPU water-resistant fabric whose job is to keep wetness inside, we have added extra features to the diaper’s extremities to ensure that there are no accidents:

  • Tummy TPU panel gives additional protection in front for tummy sleepers.
  • Thick and gentle elastic at the back not only secures the backdoor from blowouts but gives the baby extra comfort.
  • A hip snap for no wing drop secures the fit.
  • The front flap inside, prevents the inserts from traveling.


All fabrics of our diapers are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, tested, and contain no harmful chemicals. 

Outer fabric:

  • Is made from waterproof but breathable TPU (laminated polyester) to prevent leaks. Most brands use PUL in which the waterproofing is coated on the fabric through chemicals. TPU uses a waterproof coating that is bound by heat. We are grateful to be able to offer you TPU which is less harmful to the environment in the manufacturing process.
  • It gives the baby more comfort, greater fit, and more freedom of movement because, as opposed to a stiff PUL, TPU is more stretchy and elastic.

Inner Lining:

Depending on your preference, we have made available for you 2 options: stay dry but synthetic AWJ and natural but semi-dry Organic Cotton velour.

  • 1ST OPTION: AWJ, Athletic wicking jersey which is also called sportive mesh or coolmax, is breathable and makes the baby feel cool, dry, and rash-free. It is the fastest to dry after washing and the easiest to clean from all lining fabrics. The diaper shell lined with this awj makes for a great swimming diaper. Made from 100% polyester.
  • 2ND OPTION: GOTS-certified organic cotton Velour Lining is the choice for you if you want a natural fabric against your baby’s skin. Super soft and luxurious, it has a semi-dry feel. Adds an extra layer of absorbency to the diaper but it takes longer to dry after washing. In plus, this plush coating on elastics will be so gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. Made from 80% organic cotton, 20% polyester.

Choose one of two options:

1.Hemp-Tencel long insert :

  • Comprised 4 layers of high-density hemp blended with Tencel, shaped to offer 8 total layers of superior absorbency.
  • Hemp comprises 55% and 45% Tencel, fold it right where your child needs the most.
  • Choose a soft fleece semi-dry side or knit side for potty training.
  • Tencel turns this hemp insert into a fast absorber.

2.Hemp trifold snap-in:

  • Made of 3 layers of soft high-density hemp fleece blended with Tencel, makes a heavy-duty 9-layer nighttime insert.
  • Hemp comprising 55% and 45%tencel, shaped for faster drying
  • Tencel makes this hemp trifold a fast absorber.
  • same fabric as our hemp long insert but a different shape.


Wash the diaper before use with detergent. Brand-new inserts contain natural fiber oils which can block the speed and quantity of absorption. Inserts absorption gets better with time. The inserts will shrink initially but then maintain it's shape. Give them a quick stretch while wet, right as you take them out of the washing machine in order to get dry with stretched fibers.

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