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Monarch Ultimate Nappy 3-in-1, V3.0

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The Ultimate nappies are the MOST VERSATILE nappies on the market! Why are they the 3-in-1 Nappy? Because you can use them as a:

  • Day Nappy (1-2 inserts);
  • Night Nappy (3-4 inserts); or
  • Swim Nappy (no inserts)!
  • Cost-effective / Wipe & Reuse: With a full 'Night' nappy coming with 4 inserts, this effectively means you can get TWO (2) Nappies out of the one nappy! 
    • Simply use one of the larger inserts (5-layer Hemp or Bamboo) on its own, or pair it with the 'Nap' (3-layer Bamboo) inserts and that will give most babies enough for 2-3 hours!
    • Once your baby has soiled the nappy, you can snap out the dirty inserts, wipe down the shell and snap in the other insert(s)!*
    • Cut down on laundry and save money on buying more nappies!
    • This is handy for winter or colder climates as the shell dries much quicker than inserts do. You can also purchase extra insert sets to get a few more nappy-changes out of your nappy.
    • *If the shell is heavily soiled, we recommend washing before reusing. Read up on why this is important here
  • Customisable: Snap (or tuck) in as many or as few inserts as you like! If you're unsure about which ones to use, refer to our Absorbency Chart as a guide. 
    • Day Nappy: Use 1 of the 5-layer inserts (Hemp or bamboo) and 1 of the Nap (3-layer Bamboo) inserts to give you 8 layers of super absorbency!
    • Night Nappy: Use all 4 inserts (or as many as you need)! A night nappy is simply a nappy with sufficient absorbency for night-time.
    • Swim Nappy: Use just the waterproof Nappy Shell on its own, with no inserts, and you're ready for the pool / beach!
    • Larger Fit & Longer Wings: Our Ultimates feature longer-than-average wings, shell space and have slightly longer and softer leg elastics to give you even longer wear out of your Ultimate nappies.
    • Double-gussets (leg elastics): Designed to accommodate lots of absorbency and provide an extra barrier against leaks and explosions.
    • PUL tummy and back flaps: Waterproof front and back flaps to keep the moisture from sitting against bub's stomach and back for extended periods of time. 
    • Thick back elastic: Designed to prioritise your little one's comfort, the back elastic is made thicker than what is generally available. 
    • Choice of Snaps or Hook and Loop closure: Something for everyone!
      • Hook and Loop: More user-friendly (more similar to disposables) and easier to adjust.
      • Snaps: Easier to maintain (hook and loop is prone to picking up fluff in the wash and looking worn).

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    Monarch Nappies

    Monarch Ultimate Nappy 3-in-1, V3.0

    £19.95 £21.95

    The Ultimate nappies are the MOST VERSATILE nappies on the market! Why are they the 3-in-1 Nappy? Because you can use them as a:


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